535 Eighth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018

Mission & Core Values


Our mission is simply “to be of great service to others.” We strive to help young children and their families move forward in their lives, reaching towards their full potential, and enriching their lives.



Core Values


We strive to be of great service to others through excellence in our work. We constantly seek feedback from our clients, other professionals and our teammates in order to assess our work and improve our effectiveness.


We seek to be effective in our work with others. Our effectiveness depends on teamwork with our internal team as well as with professionals from other agencies, and by partnering with the parents and families whom we serve. Effective communication is a cornerstone of teamwork. We seek first to understand, then to be understood, and to discuss what matters most.


We believe that we must respect each individual for his or her beliefs, values, opinions and for who they are as a person, acknowledging that we are all different. While we do not always agree we strive to listen to others’ points of view and to always treat others respectfully. We respect each persons dignity as an individual who may be different from ourselves.

Continual Self-Improvement

We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in our skills, systems, policies, processes and procedures. We seek to improve not only our work in a given situation, but to improve our systems, policies, procedures, and processes. We believe this allows us to be of greater service to others. We constantly strive to learn and grow.



Work Focus and Beliefs

Early Childhood Services

We strive to provide the highest quality services to young children and their families.

Professional Training

We provide learning experiences and trainings to professionals and parents on a range of early childhood topics.


We believe in using technology to make our work more efficient and more effective, to constantly seek to improve the quality with which we do our work.


We advocate for the advancement of research to increase our understanding of early child development, and the effectiveness of interventions, training, and the work that we do.