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OUR SERVICEShome and center services for young children with special needs


WESTCHESTER SERVICESservices in westchester county for young children with special needs

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How do I refer a child?

For children ages birth – 3 years old call 311 in NYC or 914-813-5094 in Westchester County for the Early Intervention Program. For children ages 3 – 4 contact your local school district to begin the referral process through Preschool Special Education. For private referrals contact our offices at 212.787.9700 x0 and ask for Damaris Santiago, LMSW.


How long does it take for the evaluation process?

Most evaluations can be completed within a few weeks, and then a meeting is scheduled to review the results and determine if your child is eligible to receive services under early intervention.

Does intervention really help?

Most children improve with the help of intervention. Some children improve very quickly, and some more slowly. If you feel your child is improving quickly, share your observations with your therapist. Also, if you have concerns that your child is not learning quickly enough then share that as well to determine if other therapies may also be needed.


What are Home/Community Based Evaluations?

Evaluations of your child’s progress which are done in your home or a community setting.

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