505 8th Avenue, Floor 12A Room 02, New York, NY 10018

Careers & Culture

Los Niños Services is a multilingual agency serving the developmental needs of young children and their families. We seek talented, positive, responsible individuals who are seeking a rewarding career.

We seek dynamic and innovative Early Intervention professionals who believe in our mission of providing the highest quality services and who strive to continue to learn and grow professionally.

Job Listings


Competitive salary and major benefits for full-time employees include: major medical and dental insurance, life insurance, 401K, and paid time off.


To apply please fill out our brief online application. Los Niños Services is an equal opportunity employer; we do not discriminate on the basis of color, religion, or national origin.

The LNS Culture

We have a strong learning culture, we are a tight knit, high communication team. People refer to our family-like culture. We work very closely together in order to be of great service to others. We promote from within and encourage all staff to continually learn and grow. Los Niños Services offer over 20 internal trainings a year in addition to our annual Young Child Expo & Conference in order to assist each member with their professional development plan. We get exciting watching our team members progress towards their dreams. We love to share compliments about our work, and we also share our challenges so we can address and resolve issues quickly.  Our walls are yellow and we have open seating which matches our open culture.



Teacher Assistant


Service Coordinator

Will you be a good fit for our culture?

Read about us on our website. Read the articles written about us. Visit us. If you interview with us then you will have time to assess how well your needs and values match what we have to offer. Take your time. We want prospective team members to be comfortable about their decision to join us and we want a good match for you and for us. Read our mission and core values to see if this matches your core values and resonates with you. We are enthusiastic to work with young children and families, making a difference in their lives. In addition there are many challenges in our work. It helps to recognize both the challenges and the rewards. If you are interested in a position opening or think you can contribute to our team then feel free to apply online. If you think you have a special skill set that we might need and you don’t see a position opening on our site then feel free to apply anyway. Thanks so much for your interest in Los Niños Services.

Reasons to Work at Los Niños Services

  1. To be of great service to others.
  2. To wake up and want to go to work.
  3. To leave work at the end of the day and feel good.
  4. Over 25 learning events a year.
  5. Participate in our Young Child Expo & Conference.
  6. Fellow team members celebrating your successes.
  7. Getting a treat in your mailbox from your secret Santa.
  8. Enjoying your team members.
  9. Candid conversations in which you learn to boldly discuss what matters most.
  10. Learning from your mistakes.
  11. Learning moments with your supervisor and your team members.
  12. Yellow walls.
  13. Case conferences.
  14. Calling your team members your family.
  15. Being pushed by your team members to set professional goals, to dream, and to get encouragement and support to work towards your dreams.
  16. To get career guidance.
  17. Advancement opportunities.
  18. To develop new skills by taking on new responsibilities.
  19. To learn how to “LAF” in tough situations (Listen, Apologize, Fix).
  20. To laugh your brains out and realize you’re at work.
  21. To go places you never thought of going, but you are glad you did.
  22. To be a part of creating a great organization aimed to do great things for those in need.
  23. To learn how to really listen to others.
  24. To become the best you can be.
  25. To make a real difference in the life of a child and their family.