505 8th Avenue, Floor 12A Room 02, New York, NY 10018

Group Programs

Los Niños Services Westchester Center

Presently conducts daily enhanced developmental group sessions during the week. Some classes are offered in the morning and in the afternoon. Our unique model is designed to meet the educational, speech and language, behavioral, and motor needs of a developing child, as well as, to provide an opportunity for facilitated socialization. We employ a multi-sensory and trans-disciplinary team approach to assess the strengths and meet the needs of each child and family. We strive to provide the highest quality, specialized intervention services to children and their families, with the goal of fostering and developing the necessary foundation skills to ensure future success. This is offered for children in EI 0-3 years.

The center also provides the following related services: Occupational Therapy-Sensory Integration Techniques, Listening Therapy (Tomatis Solisten), Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, feeding, PECS, and Applied Behavior Analysis (individual and group in the classroom) utilized as a foundation for facilitating positive behavior and learning.

The center’s physical setting is: Classrooms, OT gym, PT gym, Classroom gym, Individual speech and ABA treatment rooms on two floors, and an Outdoor playground.

Morning Group

Afternoon Group