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About Us

Our Staff

Los Niños Services was founded by professionals with many years of experience in early childhood education.

Our specialty is serving young children who have development delays or disorders such as autism, pervasive developmental delay, speech delays/disorders, motor delays/disorders, cognitive and overall delays, adaptive delays. We are staffed by licensed or certified professionals in the following disciplines: special education, speech pathology, psychology, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, vision specialists.






Executive Director

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Our Professional Team

Ms. Diaz has over 20 years of experience working with children under 5. She has worked in all areas of early childhood services including regular daycare, preschool, and working with children with special needs as a School Psychologist and Early Intervention Service Coordinator. As a Hispanic immigrant who came to the United States at age 18, she has a wealth of personal and professional knowledge about the acculturation process. She makes her home in New York City and has three children.

Dr. Mesh has 25+ years of experience working with children and families in mental health, educational, and early childhood settings. He is a clinical psychologist specializing in the developmental and psychological assessment of bilingual children under age 5, particularly children with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. He co-authored the book “Early Childhood Assessment: A Practical Guide to Psychological and Developmental Evaluations in the Early Intervention Program.”

We are very proud of our early childhood professionals who work hard to be of great service to others. Through their efforts, children learn and grow towards the goal of realizing their full potential.

Our Services

Los Niños Services is an award-winning multilingual agency serving the developmental needs of young children and their families. We specialize in home and community-based evaluations and services, parent/child groups, service coordination, and training for early childhood professionals, parents, and students. Our staff is experienced bilingual clinicians who pride themselves on being of great service to others.

We serve all children and families in Westchester and New York City from all communities. The programs through which we provide services are the Early Intervention Program, Preschool Special Education, Private Services/ABA Private Insurance Services.

Our Awards